Custom application and responsive website development

Custom applications

Do your applications work for you? While there are seemingly a lot of "off the shelf" solutions which can do a myriad of things, many times there isn't a perfect product which will do what you need. We have a history of turning business needs into custom applications and we understand the best core technologies to utilize to get you the solution you need in the least amount of time.

Responsive websites with enhanced functionality

Is your website feeling "low-tech"? Having developed websites and applications since the birth of the Internet, we have a solid foundation in all things "web" and strive to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. Because of the breadth and depth of our experience, we're able to leverage numerous best practice technologies and platforms to achieve your goals. In addition, we'll ensure the process of creating your new website is clear, concise and easy to understand.

Making content and applications available on mobile devices can be invaluable for many companies, but the entry costs can be prohibitive. Based on our web centric philosophy, we know how to leverage the web to bring this functionality to the mobile world in a quick and economic way.

Content management systems

Can you manage your content? In this day and age, content is king (as Bill Gates once wrote) - and it is essential to be able to manage your content in order to keep customers engaged and your content fresh. We have experience working with several content management solutions and can help find you the solution which works best for you and your business.

Technologies and platforms

From years of experience, we firmly believe that utilizing open web technologies as a core to any project will ensure that your business has a solid and flexible foundation which it can build upon.

A thorough understanding of your content, goals and end-users guides the selection of the best tools for our insightful solutions.

Technologies and platforms wheel

Systems integration

Service oriented architectures

Wouldn't life be better if systems could communicate? Whether you need to access data within your organization or an existing service on the Internet, we have the experience to implement with service oriented architectures (SOA). In fact we highly recommend the use of SOA and know how leverage it to save your business time and money.

Development process

Our philosophy

We strive to make the development process as easy and effortless as possible and understand that there is no one development process which fits every business. We believe that the way in which software is created should match the way in which the business already works. For some businesses it is better to work in an iterative (agile) fashion with frequent reviews and flexibility. For others, it makes more sense to plan the entire development process up front and build the project to the specifications desired (waterfall). Ultimately the process must be as seamless and simple as possible by adapting to how you like to work.