The Discovery Session

Our goal is to become experts on your business.

Our discovery session is tailored for each project. Our conversation will include:

  • Company history, mission and values
  • Your customers’ preferences and motivations
  • Project objectives
  • Creative and technical requirements

We'll deliver a prioritized requirements list to make sure we have all the details.

Market and Business Research

Stakeholder and customer research

Surveys and interviews can validate your assumptions and uncover new insights. By asking the right questions we’ll give you with the reliable data you need to make those tough decisions, whether it’s prioritizing application features or creating a meaningful brand experience.

Business research

Research into reports, studies, best practices and trends guides the creation of realistic goals and metrics and supports vision and strategy decisions.

Analysis Services for User Experience, Brand and Technology

Competitive and SWOT analysis

Competitive and SWOT analysis can help to provide clarity and a fresh perspective. A thorough comparison with your top competitors will uncover where you're doing well and highlight opportunities for improvement.

Content audit & gap analysis

We’ll determine if your content is aligned with customer expectations and business goals and highlight where enhancements can be made.

Heuristics reviews

Is your application or website seen as useful, usable, and desirable? Our best practices evaluation standard will point out challenges and prioritize opportunities for improvement.

Persona development

In-depth interviews and research uncover user's needs, expectations and goals to provide clear guidance for crafting the best user experience.

Task flows

How can you make sure your application provides an intuitive user experience? We provide a good starting point by examining the user's multiple pathways to reaching their goal, and identifying potential obstacles.

Journey mapping

We’ll identify and evaluate each touch-point your target customers have with your business throughout the customer relationship lifecycle, highlighting recommendations to elevate the customer experience.